Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roz sucks it up and draws a car!

O.K. So I'm out with Ken and Roberta at Wet Paint. (They said they needed paper advice, but I don't really believe that; I think they were being sociable.) After the visit at Wet Paint we went down the road to Shish where Paul (a helpful artist/staff person at Wet Paint told us there was the best coffee in the area—I mention this in case you are coffee drinkers; I'm not—but I like Gyros so that's another attraction).

There we are at Shish, at a small window table, checking over our purchases and then eating, and finally, getting out our sketchbooks and so I decide, since I am sitting there with the King and Queen of scene sketchers, to broaden my view from the crack in the sidewalk. I boldly select a damaged car across the street (front end crumpled so badly bits have fallen off the hood so you can see inside, I guess that's because we don't use metal any more?). And just when I get going the driver comes out with a couple friends, they all pile in, not hearing my pleas from across the street and inside a building, of NO, No, no. (This action on my part causes the woman wedged in next to me to scooch further and further away from me.)

Then I learn something great from Ken. When this happens, wait until another car, similar to the first, comes along and work with it. This is helpful information because I am such a literalist, always drawing only those things in front of me (I rarely draw from my imagination). This is exactly like being at the zoo (which I do all the time; so this is a transfer of practice, a using of skills in a new area; it's growth!).

Since no other car was coming along I passed the time by working on the building and the fun shadows on the snow. And so it goes. I will draw more cars in the future. It wasn't that painful. Thank-you Ken and Roberta!


Avidor said...

I love that sketch, Roz.

We'll be planning more sketching trips.

Lynn Fisher said...

Shish...where is Shish?
I like the tea place right next to Wet Paint...but they lack some bigger tables. You wind up balancing your sack o pens and tea on your lap. (perhaps I'm the only one with this many pens?)