Thursday, December 4, 2008

Roz Raps about Pentimento

Ken, it's great that you are doing this Twin Cities Sketcher blog. I wanted to post something within the rules, but I haven't been drawing anything outside the past few days; it's too cold even for me. At lunch today I made a friend draw in my journal rather than draw in it myself! (We were inside at the time.)

I talked with Roberta and she thought it was "legal" to post something from awhile back (I don't typically draw buildings and urban scenes, but I will definitely try to do so more often!). I thought this sketch of one of the lions (or is it a stylized dragon?) outside the old Minneapolis Institue of Art would work.

It was a hot day when I drew this, sketching out with friends. I was standing, craning my neck, trying to concentrate. Then two smokers came and sat down about 18 inches away from where I was standing and I had to breathe passive smoke and deal with the intense sunlight. Urban sketching is a tough business! I prefer working in the field with ticks and mosquitos.

When we all finished our sketches we sat on the steps and chatted for awhile. Pentimento came up. One of my friends asked, "What's that?" That's when, giddy perhaps from the lack of oxygen and from too much sun I sang a little rap about pentimento. I don't know if it will be visible when the image is posted. (Bottom right corner.) "First you draw it. Then you don't like it. Then you draw it again. Pentimento!" (I'll keep my day job.)

I look forward to seeing posts from the Twin Cities and am glad you are going to allow the State Fair and the Zoo!


Avidor said...

That's a fun sketch , Roz.

The Institute is a great place to sketch.

Ricë said...

roz, they're fu dogs (or foo dogs)--chinese, good luck, the mother foo dog has her paw on the baby; the father, on the globe (i think--need to check that last bit)